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  • FAQ's

  • After serving the LGBT and LGBT Supportive Business Community for more than ten years we have been asked many questions by our members, guests, and even our Board of Directors.  Below are the most common questions we are asked. If you have other questions that are not addressed in the FAQ section, please email us at info@hrbor.org.  Chances are, if you have a question, someone else may have the same one!

  • I’m a member but my spouse/partner is not. Do I have to pay for him/her to come to events with me?'

    We have many members who’s spouses/partners would like to support HRBOR. There are some events that are open to guests at no additional charge like the No Host Happy Hour. HRBOR's primary First Thursday HRBOR OPEN networking event is for paid members and guests who pay at the door (however, their first guest attendance is complimentary). We are happy to help your spouse/partner join at an appropriate level of membership.

     'Do I have to be gay to become a member or be a guest at the events?'

    Absolutely not. Our organization, while supporting the LGBT community, also supports the LGBT Supportive Community.  As long as you support the mission of HRBOR we encourage you to join.

    'I'm not a business owner, can I still come to the meetings?' 

    Absolutely. HRBOR's networking events are geared towards anyone who would like to increase their own personal or professional goals regardless of ownership in a company. You can even join as an individual, without the support of your company, if you feel it will help you reach your professional goals.

    'How much does it cost to join?'

    Membership ranges from $150 to $500 a year, depending on the desired level of membership.  Click here to see what level is best for you.

    'How many other events do you have besides the HRBOR OPEN?'

    Along with the HRBOR OPEN events of the First Thursday of the month we have throughout the year we have pop-up events like No Host Happy Hour, educational programs, and member sponsored events.


    'How many guests can I bring to the HRBOR OPEN event under my current membership?'

    The amount of guests any member is allowed to bring, free of charge, to an event varies on membership level.  Please click here to find out what your level of membership brings.

    'As a member, can I have access to the HRBOR database to send out announcements about my business to the members?'

    While HRBOR does not sell or give away its email database you do have the benefit, as a paid member, to promote your business via the Member Center. Simply log in and post your promotion or event and members will see it online, on Facebook, and in email. You also have the option of purchasing banner ads on HRBOR's website, advertising impressions on our Facebook page, or of becoming a HRBOR Sponsor. Contact info@hrbor.org for more information.

    'I'd like to host an event, but don't have the resources or space to do it all.  Can someone help me with this?'

    Many of our members do not have the space to host 100 people or may have the space but are concerned about the cost of the event.  Combining efforts with other members by co-sponsoring or co-hosting an event is a great way to promote your company and support HRBOR in an affordable way.  For more information, or if you need assistance in arranging a co-host, contact us at info@hrbor.org.